Wednesday, December 8, 2010

blog 8

So this is my last blog entry for 4100.

I just printed off my score to be passed in for grading.

I feel pretty good about the piece. Since my last post, I have completed my C section and the final A section.

My C section is a rhythmically driven passage with no real melodic content, and a switch to totally new rhythmic material. It was inspired by a movement from the Serocki trombone suite which uses similar rhythmical motion.

My final A section is in 7/8 which contrasts the opening 8/8 meter. The division is 2+3+2 as opposed to the 3+3+2 from the beginning. The material is very similar, but the mode has been transposed down a major second.

Over all, I feel good about it. I think I'm going to come back to it, maybe expand on it, or introduce a return of the B and another A section. Who knows. It feels done to me right now, and I can't wait to play it with Paddywagon!

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